Mozambique to cooperate with foreign partners on hidden debts investigation

Mozambican Attorney General Beatriz Buchilli said on Thursday in the Mozambican Parliament in Maputo that her institution has requested foreign countries to provide documents that will help gathering evidences to clarify the government’s hidden debts.

“Considering that part of the facts occurred in foreign lands we have activated legal international cooperation mechanism, requesting documents and information from the United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, French, the United States, and the United Kingdom,” said the attorney general while speaking to 250 members of the parliament.

The attorney general was speaking in the second day of the presentation of the annual justice status report to the parliament, in which the hidden debts is one of the topics the parliament demanded the institution to detail.

The attorney general office did not provide the detail of the documents and information it is requesting but advanced that the process is running accordingly.

Corruption was among the topics highly debated and insisted by the parliamentary groups, and the institution admitted fighting corruption constitutes one of its many priorities and clarified over alleged unpunished cases of corruption.

“Corruption is a crime that erodes the economy and destroy collective efforts towards the country’s development and poverty alleviation that we all desire. It is in this context that we will continue putting our efforts to stop corruption and will reinforce prevention coordinating with entire civil society and other relevant parts,” said the attorney-general.

The ruling Frelimo party also added to this aspect, saying that the fight against corruption should not be only a task from the justice authorities but everyone’s.

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